After serving as a pediatrician for 10.5 years, I left my job due to increasing stress.  Call it burn-out.  Or a mid-life crisis.  Maybe it’s a prolonged vacation.  I’m calling it a self-financed sabbatical.  I still want to be a “helper”; I’ve loved working with children and their families.  Before I stroke out, however, I had to take a break.  This blog is kind of a written version of a one-man show that’s still developing in my mind, minus the ticket sales.


This is my family; we live in St. Louis.  Sonia and I met in college running cross-country at Knox College.  She’s from all over the place (Las Cruces, NM.  Grapevine, TX.  Pismo Beach, CA.)  Then I hijacked her.  I call her a southwestern mutt, and I usually get smacked for that.  We were married June 25, 2000.  She is a former computer programmer and ceramist, now turned mother, seamstress, blogger [Pretty Blue Cere] of her own accord, and mother for our two children.  She is by far the more intelligent and level-headed of the two of us.  I’d be lost without her.

Our son is Andrew.  He loves talking about world politics, playing soccer, archery, and Last Week Tonight (the edited version).  That last part might make me a bad parent.  He is also very good with animals, has my dark sense of humor, and is a very kind young man.

Our daughter is Allison.  She is a bookworm, loves gardening and cooking, soccer, and Girls on the Run.  She had to be taught a sense of humor (we’re getting there), and is exceedingly polite. She’s very much like her mother.

My brief bio: born in St. Louis, MO.  Went to Knox College for undergraduate, Rush University (in Chicago) for medical school.  I finished my medical training at St. Louis University/SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.  I speak more than a few words of Spanish, but please, don’t call me fluent.  My hobbies are running (trail running especially), hiking, barbecue, following soccer now that my kids are heavily involved, and now, apparently this.  I think that I’m living proof that if God exists, he/she has one helluva sense of humor.